Fiasko-Kasko Comprehensive Cover
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Coverage of first-party and other damage and destruction for Pfister customers
Your benefits
  • Items insured at the value as new in the event of a total loss
  • Coverage of costs of restoration in the event of partial damage
  • Ideal supplement to home contents insurance and manufacturer’s warranty
  • Simple processing of claims
  • 4 years comprehensive cover as of delivery
What is insured?
  • Mechanical damage
    You drop a bottle of wine on the glass plate of your new coffee table – the glass plate breaks.
  • Improper use
    Several children hide in the wardrobe causing the bottom shelf to drop out.
  • Short circuit or voltage fluctuations
    The dimmer of the living room lamp is damaged as a result of a short circuit.
  • Foreign matter
    You spill beer on the fabric sofa.
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